Fruit trees lining the streets of Vancouver mapped thanks to open data

Fruit trees on the boulevards in the City of Vancouver.

Late Tuesday night, I noticed that the City of Vancouver had released Vancouver Street Trees into their Open Data Catalogue.

Wednesday afternoon, our awesome intern, Gideon, went to work to import the data into the Foodtree API, so we could get it mapped.  It needed some cleanup prior to uploading, including approximating street addresses from the City's grid system and sorting the food producing trees from the Conifers and Arbutus. He grabbed the data set and merged it into a single file and then uploaded to Google's Refine tool to sort out the fruit trees. After adding the common name to the City's numerical name, we uploaded it to Foodtree. Using our Sourcemap integration, all of the fruit trees on the public boulevards of Vancouver are now mapped. You can search by name, so it is now easy to find the 13 fig trees in the City. If you want to embed the map somewhere, you can get the embed code here. And, if you are in Vancouver, simply opening on your smartphone browser now shows you where the nearest public fruit trees are, in addition to farmers markets, grocers, food trucks and restaurants.

Hopefully we'll soon be able to add the fruit trees in city parks. It is part of our ongoing effort to map all of the available food sources in the City of Vancouver.