The Mobile Garden Dress

When art meets food and gardening there are interesting things that can happen. Nicole Dextras is a Vancouver artist who creates environmental art and ephemeral installations based on the principles of a socially engaged art practice. Her latest project is the Mobile Garden Dress which is part of her on-going series of wearable sculpture called Weedrobes. The garden dress is an interactive installation and performance piece being presented this week at the Vancouver International Children's Festival.

The main structure of the Mobile Garden Dress is handmade from 100% compostable materials gathered by Nicole, and the hoop skirt is filled with live potted herbs and vegetables. The garment is worn by model Nita Bowerman and her interactions with children and adults are centred around educating and encouraging the audience to grow their own produce.

It's a beautiful idea of bringing the garden to the public and giving it a human voice. Imagine if your garden could speak to you...

The Mobile Garden Dress can be seen on location at Granville Island until Saturday June 4th. For more awesome work by Nicole Dextras please check out her web site.

(All photos credited to Nicole Dextras)