Treehouse Tips: Wrap Your Gifts With Magazines

Team member Ida Keung posts daily tips on sustainable living. See all of her Treehouse Tips by clicking here. Are you a monthly subscriber to paper magazines with shiny, glossy, covers and pages? Instead of spending money and killing more trees by buying wrapping paper, why not try to re-use some of this paper before it goes into the recycling bin?  You can be creative and choose pages that are more applicable to the person or the gift! If the pages aren't big enough, you can glue or tape them together, or even use larger paper from old calendars!

Bonus tip: Calendars are also great for lining cupboards and drawers  to make your spring cleaning a little easier.

Newspapers are also a gift wrapping option, if you aren't too picky about getting your fingers a little black.

Obviously, you can still decorate these gifts with ribbons and bows like you already do, but even buttons, dried flowers, or other household materials give them a crafty quality and reuse stuff you're likely to throw out some day.

This can be a unique and eco-friendly alternative to wrapping your gifts. If you've this in the past, share your tips in the comments!